Dog and cat

Differences and similarities:

Dogs and cats are among the most popular pets in Germany. Therefore, it is only natural to compare both species once in a direct comparison and without any assessment.

Table: Comparison of dog and cat

(House) Dog(House) cat
Latin nameCanis lupus familiarisFelis silvestris catus
animal classmammalsmammals
ancestrywolfAfrican wildcat
Beginning of domesticationabout 80,000 years agoabout 4,000 years ago
Related animal speciesAfrican wild dog, fox, dingo, jackal, coyote, wolfCheetah, lynx, ocelot, cougar, forest cat
hunting behaviorHetzjägerSchleich hunters
Hunting timeDayDusk, night
social behaviorpack animalloner
Most powerful senseolfactory senseSense of hearing, sense of sight
description female dogcat
description malehangover
Number of chromosomes78 chromosomes38 chromosomes
denture42 teeth30 teeth
Average life expectancy10 - 15 years10 - 15 years
Daily sleep durationabout 13 hoursabout 17 hours
Number of breedsabout 400 dog breedsabout 100 cat breeds
Number of pets in Germany7 million12 million
body temperature38 - 38.5 ° C38 - 39 ° C
Heart rate60-120bpm100-120bpm
sexual maturity8th - 12th month6th - 12th month
gestation63 - 68 days58 - 63 days
litter size3 - 12 puppies2 - 5 kittens